Hotels and their amenities are designed to provide guests with a truly unique experience, and your hospitality marketing should do the same. With the advancement of Hotel CRM and digital technology, it is now possible to create meaningful interactions throughout the entire guest journey, starting at pre-arrival and continuing post-stay through the loyalty loop. The key to success is simple: know your guest so you can anticipate their preferences and desires. Hotels who personalize their communications to plan, guide and nurture their guests’ experiences are able to turn those guests into loyal brand supporters and advocates. With value and experience at the center of their campaigns, these hotels are able to break away from discount-driven marketing.When it comes to personalizing their communications and implementing one-to-one marketing, many hoteliers are not sure where to start. At first glance the process can seem intimidating, but with the right guidance and tools, you can implement one-to-one marketing with confidence and ease.

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HSMAI Digital Marketing Advisory Board for hotel leadersHSMAI Digital Marketing Advisory Board for hotel leaders