What are Hotel revenue people spending their time on?

What are hospitality revenue people spending their time on?

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As a revenue leader, do you find yourself wondering how much time your teams are spending on revenue generation?  Are you able to justify investments in tools, systems or process redesign, or do you find yourself arguing over the ROI with owners and corporate leadership?  Have you inventoried all the tasks your revenue managers are responsible for and do you know which are distracting them from core revenue-generating tasks?

As a Revenue Manager, do you find yourself in a time crunch and unable to invest your time in revenue-generating tasks? Do you find yourself devoting your time to tasks that are not the best use of your time and effort?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to help you!

But for that, first, we need your support.

HSMAI and ZS have partnered to develop this “Voice of RM” study to better understand how revenue managers are allocating their time. With the findings of this study, our goal is to provide relevant and targeted intelligence that will assist leaders to find opportunities that enable revenue managers to focus their time and efforts on revenue-generating tasks in an effective and efficient manner, and help revenue managers advocate for the tools and systems they need to make their hotels more money.

We’ve deployed the survey in the US already and are working now with AP and EU to get a global perspective on this critical issue!

The survey will take around 15 minutes, but we hope to save a lot more of your time with its results! Please rest assured only aggregated results will be shared with leaders and individual responses will remain completely anonymous.

If we get a sufficient response rate from your company to protect anonymity, ZS is happy to do a bespoke analysis comparing your company’s responses to the study benchmark!

Survey Link: https://surveys.olsononlinesystems.com/wix/5/p726856163555.aspx


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What are Hotel revenue people spending their time on?
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