3 keys that will shape the future of Hospitality

Hospitality as a service industry has always been centred around the guest. In this keynote session at the Innofac Asia Show on the 24th September 2021.  HSMAI shared principles that can create a successful future for hospitality.

In the keynote session of the first day, Heidi Gempel, representing HSMAI Asia Pacific shared key insights for the industry going forward. Heidi combined these key insights with practical steps every hotelier can apply in this transition into a new normal.

She talks about how COVID-19 amplified the need for hoteliers to take a fresh look at their customer-first/ customer-centric approach across all departments, embrace technology, machine learning and digital transformation and finally to intentionally include a structured innovation process into the business processes of the hotel. Being intentional about these 3 key areas will focus the hotel team on the right guest and creating guest experiences that are relevant and timely.

Watch the video to learn about the key areas your hotel can focus on to keep up with your competitors.

Heidi Gempel is the Founder and Managing Partner of HGE International, a boutique hospitality service firm based in Singapore. Her company is focused on revenue-generating disciplines of the hotel as we all as revenue management. She is passionate about creating value for hoteliers, developing new strategies and advising her clients on emerging trends and technologies. Heidi is also a founding member of the HSMAI Asia Pacific Revenue Advisory Board.

If you require any more information or if you would like to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with Heidi about your specific situation, please contact her at heidi@hge-international.com. To find out more about the service she provides, please visit www.hge-international.com.

3 keys that will shape the future of Hospitality
3 keys that will shape the future of Hospitality
3 keys that will shape the future of Hospitality

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