Webinar: New Year Analysis checklist for a better 2022

Webinar: New Year Analysis checklist for a better 2022

Review 2021 and plan for 2022:
A guide for hoteliers

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8th February, 1pm to 2pm SGT


  1. Introduction: Jackie Douglas, President, HSMAI Asia Pacific   
  2. Learning session by Tamie Mathews, CEO & Founder, RevenYou
  3. Q&A from audience 

When you review your business at the end of the year, do you always ask So What?  Why is this piece of information relevant and how will I use it to grow my business?  With the lack of relevance of year-on-year comparisons since the pandemic, what are the right metrics you should be reviewing at year end?  Tamie will take you through the right metrics, how to do the analysis and then how to create an action plan from that analysis.

At the same time as you’re compiling your analysis, you can develop a plan for those times in the future when demand is low and you need to stimulate demand and/or revenue fast!

Join us for this fast-paced workshop and get organised with your 2022 plan!


  • Tamie Matthews HSMAI Certified Trainer & Revenue & Distribution Support for the Independent Hotelier

Your Hotel’s Year in Review

12th January 2022. As we start a new year, it is time to look back and reflect on how our businesses performed in 2021 to identify learnings and create an action plan for the coming year.

When you review your business, always ask So What?  Why is this piece of information relevant and how will I use it to grow my business?  Start by looking at the following:

  1. Profit
  2. Costs of running your business AND cost per occupied v unoccupied room
  3. RevPAR
  4. Benchmark your performance – STR is a great starting point and it is free
  5. Website – ranking and conversion
  6. Social Media – reach and interaction
  7. EDMs – open rates and click-thru rates
  8. Review Scores – how did they grow
  9. Market segments – who are your customers and how have they changed since 2019
  10. Events – repeating events, how did they perform and when are they scheduled for next year

Once you have reviewed all of the above and understand how you did within your market, create an action plan for 2022.  At the same time as you are creating your plan for normal trading conditions, create a side plan that is for use during emergencies.  The plan that you pull out when you need to stimulate demand fast.


At RevenYou we specialise in the areas of Revenue, Distribution, Sales and Marketing.  The team are experts in their fields, work in a wide variety of properties and have the tools at their disposal to help you create a plan to turn a profit in 2022.  Contact Tamie for more information.

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