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Robert A. Gilbert, CHME, CHBA, President and CEO, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI)    

Here at HSMAI we are ramping up efforts to invigorate our member base and foster robust market-specific growth. As we move into 2024, our strategic priority to “broaden our reach” takes center stage, focusing on developing new markets and enhancing the member value proposition through localized engagement. 

Engaging Locally 

HSMAI recognizes the unique challenges that hotel operators and owners face, particularly in managing the “middle of the P&L.” To address these issues, HSMAI is increasing its focus on local chapter engagement. This approach emphasizes customizing educational programs to meet the distinct needs of the local market, essential for driving revenue growth cost-effectively. Establishing new chapters and developing localized educational initiatives are key elements of this strategy, catering to both on-property and above-property professionals. 

Strategic Developments and Chapter Expansion 

2024 marks a significant year for HSMAI, with the chartering of new chapters in key U.S. markets and active developments in Latin America. If you know people who live in these markets, encourage them to join and engage. Notable new chapters include: 

  • Greater Denver Chapter: Set to host its inaugural event on June 12, this chapter aims to strengthen connections among local members and provide tailored educational resources. Check out the leadership of the chapter here: 
  • Tennessee Valley Chapter: Based in Huntsville, Alabama, this chapter targets a July 9 chartering, focusing on building a strong community of hospitality professionals. 

Expanding in Latin America 

In 2024, HSMAI will build on the strength of the HSMAI Brazil Chapter with a larger reach into Latin America is growing stronger with several significant developments: 

  1. New Chapters and Leadership Boards: Efforts are underway to charter new chapters in strategic locations across Latin America. With four active chapter developments, each new country will also grow its leadership board, aiming to tailor HSMAI’s impact directly to the local needs. 
  2. Strategic Conferences and Roundtables: The newly formed Latin America Advisory Board has already made strides by hosting one-day strategy conferences in Bogotá, Santiago, Mexico City, and Lima. Plans for 2024 include hosting a Revenue Optimization Conference and two executive roundtables in each country, focusing on tackling local challenges and maximizing revenue opportunities. 
  3. Engagement and Growth: These initiatives are designed not only to educate and empower hotel leaders in these markets but also to create a cohesive network of professionals who can collaborate and drive collective success across the region. 

For more information about the growth in these markets or these events, visit: 

Future Initiatives  

The expansion efforts are not limited to new chapters. We are also revitalizing our presence in established markets such as Dallas and San Francisco, seeking grant partnerships to drive the association’s goals forward. ensuring that members can engage locally and benefit from collective expertise.  

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead 

The impact of these initiatives is already visible. In the past year, HSMAI chapters across the Americas hosted over 200 educational programs, culminating in the recognition of outstanding chapters at the 2024 Mike Leven Leadership Conference. As we look to the future, the phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats” encapsulates HSMAI’s vision—uniting sales, marketing, and revenue leaders in each market to create educational programs that drive demand and optimize revenue collectively. 

For those interested in contributing to or learning more about these exciting developments, additional information can be found at the HSMAI chapter websites and by contacting chapter management directly. 

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