Digital Advisory Board Asia Pacific

Founded in 2018, the HSMAI Asia Pacific Digital Advisory Board is a Committee of leaders in

Digital Marketing for hotels in Asia Pacific.



A credible platform of thought leaders leading Digital functions in Asia Pacific.

collaborate &

Facilitates and collaborates with key stakeholders on challenges and opportunities to advance, innovate and optimize performance using digital marketing.


Provide educational content and personal development that will allow hotel professionals to grow and advance their careers.

HSMAI Digital Advisory Board


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Do you lead the Digital functions for your organisation?






  • Maunik Thacker Senior Vice President Marketing at Las Vegas Sands Corp- Marina Bay Sands
  • Emilie Couton HSMAI Asia Pacific Digital Advisory Board & Vice President Digital Marketing, Accor Asia Pacific
  • Jackie Douglas President, HSMAI Asia Pacific & Global Chair, HSMAI Academy

    Contact Jackie for HSMAI Academy, HSMAI Asia Pacific Advisory Boards, Regional Sponsorship, Partnership, Online education as well as any inquiries regarding events and sponsorship for Australia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Greater China.

  • Limin Cheng HSMAI Advisory Board Secretary, HSMAI Singapore Chapter Vice President, HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board and the Blue Mountains Hotel School Alumni Board.

Chair: Maunik Thacker, Senior Vice President Marketing, Marina Bay Sands

Asia Pacific Board Members:

  • Emilie Couton, Vice President Digital, Accor Hotels & Resorts – Asia Pacific
  • Lincoln Barratt, Vice President Sales & Marketing, South East Asia & Korea
  • Susan Wu, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Interstate China Hotels & Resorts
  • Jackie Douglas, Managing Director Travel Industry Systems & President, HSMAI Asia Pacific

Contact us to apply to join the newly formed Board. You must head the Digital functions for your hotel company in your region.

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