HSMAI Educational Conferences and Events for hotels and hospitality staff in Asia Pacific are held in many cities across the region.  Hospitality relevant workshops, roundtables, courses and events in hotel sales and marketing are held in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Jakarta, Bali, Sydney and Cairns.  Bookmark the annual calendar!

Below are a list of upcoming events open for registration and the calendar of events for the year.

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HSMAI General Managers Roundtable – Bangkok

1 October 2019 from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm

This is an ‘Invitation-only’ meeting

Chief Digital Officers Roundtable-Singapore in actio

General Managers for hotels around Asia Pacific meet up a few times per year to discuss the trends in

hotel digital marketing & innovation.  This group of leaders volunteer with HSMAI to create, and deliver, all types of learning for hoteliers looking for more information on this discipline in Asia Pacific.   The meeting is held ‘boardroom-style’ and is restricted to 15-24 people.

Are you the General Manager at your hotel brand?  Contact us to request an invitation to these exclusive meetings.

Note: HSMAI Members are given preference to attend Roundtables.  Any vendors/ partners who wish to attend should contact Navodit Srivastava.  

2020 events for hoteliers




20th & 21st: CAIRNS, Australia: HSMAI Hotel Digital and Revenue Workshop

10th & 11th: JAKARTA, Indonesia: HSMAI Hotel Revenue Workshop

25th: BRISBANE, Australia: HSMAI Revenue Leaders Roundtable

TBA: SYDNEY, Australia: HSMAI Sales & Marketing Leaders Roundtable




15th to 17th: ITB India 12th: SHANGHAI, China: HSMAI China Hotel Leaders Roundtable

27th & 28th: SYDNEY, Australia: HSMAI Sessions and BOOTH at NoVacancy


Hotel Revenue Optimization Conference

– HSMAI Chief Revenue & Learning & Development Officers Roundtable

– HSMAI Workshops

– HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference




NO EVENTS 24th & 25th August: INDONESIA: HSMAI Hotel Revenue & Digital Workshop

27th: SINGAPORE: HSMAI Chief Digital/Commercial/Marketing Officers Roundtable

28th: SINGAPORE: HSMAI & STB Digital Workshop Day

10th: INDIA: HSMAI Hotel Leaders Roundtable

14th & 15th: PHUKET, Thailand: HSMAI Hotel Digital & Revenue Workshop




TBA: SYDNEY, Australia: HSMAI Hotel Revenue Leaders Roundtable

TBA: SYDNEY, Australia: HSMAI Hotel Sales & Marketing Leaders Roundtable

22nd: SINGAPORE: HSMAI Chief Revenue Officers Roundtable (Asia Pacific) – Afternoon

9th & 10th: SYDNEY, Australia: HSMAI Hotel Sales Workshop

10th & 11th: SYDNEY, Australia: HSMAI Hotel Revenue Workshop

25th & 26th: SINGAPORE: HSMAI Hotel Sales Workshop (MBS)

26th & 27th: SINGAPORE: HSMAI Hotel Revenue Workshop (MBS)

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