HSMAI Members can access and complete HSMAI online courses for a discounted price, and in some cases, for free.  We also partner with other reputable institutions to negotiate discounts for our members on courses and conferences.  HSMAI runs regular Training Workshops in 10 cities in Asia Pacific which are free for HSMAI Members.  Check-out our schedule on our Events page.

In 2018, HSMAI Asia Pacific started running 2-day Revenue Management Workshops to boost the skills in the hotel industry.  These events involve blended learning by combining the theory of the online training program “Certificate of Revenue Management (Hospitality) with a full 2 day workshop focusing on the practical skills of revenue optimization.

Discounted Courses for Members

  • Forecasting for Accommodation Supplier
  • Revenue Strategy for Hotels
  • Accommodation Distribution
  • Understanding the Accommodation Market
  • Understanding Segmentation
  • Coming Soon – How to Create your Digital Marketing Budget
  • Coming Soon – How to select a Revenue Management System (RMS)

Training Workshops

HSMAI provides educational courses, workshops, events and conferences for people who work in accommodation businesses from hotels to tourist parks to motels and hostels.

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