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For people living and working in the Asia Pacific Region only


Individual Membership

[mepr-membership-link id=”726″]Individual Membership US$300 [/mepr-membership-link]

[mepr-membership-link id=”750″]Hotelier Membership – Renewal US$199[/mepr-membership-link]

[mepr-membership-link id=”726″]Non-hoteliers Membership Renewal US$300[/mepr-membership-link]

[mepr-membership-link id=”930″]Hotelier Group – 5-7 Members US$1,000[/mepr-membership-link]

[mepr-membership-link id=”931″]Hotelier Group – 8-10 Members US$1,400[/mepr-membership-link]

Small Group pricing: Hotel & Associates Staff only:

Hotel Staff and Associates: Staff of any Hotel, Motel, Bed and Breakfast, Inn, Caravan Park, Hotel Management Company, Local or Regional Tourist Authority.

[mepr-membership-link id=”753″]Faculty Membership US$100[/mepr-membership-link]

Join other Faculty members of HSMAI in the AsiaPacific region. We would love to work with you on delivering educational and networking opportunities for students. It is also an opportunity for you to speak at events and have some input into the educational and certification agenda for the industry.

[mepr-membership-link id=”754″]Student Membership US$70[/mepr-membership-link]

Studying Hospitality? Join our community for access to great educational events, networking events and online courses.

Organisational Membership – Hotel Companies

[mepr-membership-link id=”751″]Ruby – Up to 10 members[/mepr-membership-link]

[mepr-membership-link id=”752″]Sapphire – up to 25 members[/mepr-membership-link]

[mepr-membership-link id=”840″]Emerald – up to 50 members[/mepr-membership-link]

[mepr-membership-link id=”841″]Diamond – up to 100 members[/mepr-membership-link]

Designed for Hotel Brand Corporate Offices and Hotel Management Companies.

Individuals from Organisational Member companies will have multiple unique benefits. The most significant will be the opportunity for company delegates to interact with corporate peers to discuss emerging issues and trends that focus on the most critical business issues that companies should anticipate and plan to deal with. Check out more information on our Organisational Members page.


Step 1: Select the number of Members and Member type

Step 2: Complete the short application

Step 3: Pay for your membership by Paypal or Credit Card.  For groups of 5 or more, you can pay by direct bank transfer.


Currencies you can pay in:

Payment methods:

  1. Paypal using your Paypal account
  2. Credit card – depending on the country you live in, the Paypal system allows you to use at minimum: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. In some countries, Diners, JCB and Union Pay is also available.  You do NOT need to have a Paypal account to pay via Credit card.
  3. Prices are displayed in US dollars, however, there is a fixed exchange rate which allows you to pay in the other currencies easily as the exchange rate doesn’t change.

This registration is for Asia Pacific residents only (including India, Japan and China). Residents outside the Asia Pacific region should visit

Bank Transfer

For groups of 5 or more, you have the option of paying via an invoice.  Please go through the normal application process and you will receive an invoice to pay.  Your membership won’t begin until the invoice is paid and you have submitted the names of each prospective member. 

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