Introduced to Asia Pacific in 2022

Organisational Membership

Organizational Membership

With an Organizational Membership, the company will be the HSMAI member, and multiple corporate employees will have access to a wide range of unique member benefits. This new type of membership was rolled out in North America and Europe in 2019 and has been extended to the Asia Pacific since 2022.

Most unique and valuable is the opportunity for company representatives to engage face-to-face, and virtually, with their peers from other Organizational Members. It is a singular opportunity to connect with contemporaries around emerging issues and growing trends across hotel sales, marketing, and revenue management; resulting in invaluable insights that can help them and their companies lead through the most critical business concerns that hotels are, and will be, dealing with.

Individuals will still be able to join HSMAI on their own, or as part of a group membership.  

Check out which companies have already joined in Asia Pacific:



A voice in development of content, insights & educational programs

  • Executives from Organizational Members will have the unique opportunity to share trends and predictions that will guide the priorities for the content and educational programs that will be produced by the association through a uniquely facilitated events.
  • Delegates will engage with industry executives and peers across the disciplines of sales, marketing, and revenue management at the events.
  • Recognition for Organizational Members will be included in all content produced by HSMAI.
  • Recognition of staff who take part in any HSMAI Advisory Boards or projects will also be recognised.

Unique experiential and learning opportunities for executive audiences

Invitations to special events for delegates from Organizational Member Companies:

  • Hotel Organizational Members will receive complimentary seats for senior executives at specific peer-to-peer Executive Roundtables produced annually
  • Executive THINK programs are experiential programs designed to provide a unique and innovative opportunity to look outside of the hospitality industry
  • Programs are aligned with a university or corporate learning lab or a scheduled at a non-hospitality conference or event
  • Think Tanks held throughout the year on topics related to emerging trends or of timely relevance
  • The semi-annual Curate event
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Membership. communications & access to resources

  • Complimentary membership for multiple corporate or regional individuals employed by the company. The number of members from the company headquarters will be based on the level of membership. The opportunity to add chapter level engagement for selected associates is available for no additional fee.
  • A special Executive Insights enewsletter
  • Access to HSMAI’s online Knowledge Center for all Organizational member associates

Pricing for Organizational Membership is tiered based on the annual gross revenue of the company.

2024 Global Organizational Members
Organisational Membership
2023 Organizational Members
Organisational Membership
2022 Organizational Members
Organisational Membership
Organisational Membership
2021 Organizational Members
Organisational Membership

BENEFITS OF ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP – COMPLETE TABLE FOR BENEFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hotel Companies Tiers and Benefits

Individuals from Organizational Member companies will have multiple unique benefits. The most significant will be the opportunity for company delegates to interact with corporate peers to discuss emerging issues and trends that focus on the most critical business issues that companies should anticipate and plan to deal with.

Vendors, Suppliers, Faculty and Start-ups Organizational tiers & benefits

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