Celeste LohSenior Business Consultant, Asia Pacific at The Rainmaker Group

There are many who think outside the box but Celeste Loh would rather smash it!

Over 20 years, Celeste’s successful career has taken her around Asia, Middle East & Africa, covering the luxury cruise industry and the world’s leading hotel groups (InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Marriott International, Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Millennium & Copthorne and Star Cruises), achieving an outstanding track record that has made her services among the most sought after.

When Celeste takes on an assignment or task, she puts her whole heart into it, relishing it because of her love for analytics and her ability to look deeply into processes to craft solutions that can forge almost-immediate results. She has the gift of finding patterns that show her precisely what needs to be aligned, where changes are required and how every solution can affect the bottom line. It is her job to keep things real – no short cuts, no skimping and certainly, no cheating. Her goal? Turning challenges into optimised results and driving the “revenue competency” to a level that keeps a business always at the top of its game through effective sales, marketing and revenue management.

She has assisted organisations raise their business performance through proven revenue optimization initiatives and crystalizing team goals and strategies across sales, marketing and revenue management divisions.

Today, as Celeste continues to provide consulting and training services for various hospitality partners, she is stepping into the progressive and competitive world of Casino market. By applying the same revenue optimisation principles together with customised initiatives, she believes that she is playing her part in the on-going development of hospitality leaders much needed in the industry.

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