Heidi GempelManaging Partner & Founder at HGE International

Managing Partner and Founder of HGE International. Heidi is an expert for Revenue Management, Sales & Marketing and Hotel Distribution across Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean, Middle East and Africa with 15 years’ experience. Her expertise includes the technical aspects of customizing Revenue Management and Hotel Distribution systems, as well as the organizational & cultural set up of Revenue Management within an organization.

Heidi has a deep conviction that understanding & applying the purpose and identity of a person/department/organization builds and sustains successful companies, its services and financial targets. She is passionate about creating value with purpose for her clients, building internal capability that allow intentions to become reality around the concepts of Innovation and Design Thinking. She founded HGE International in 2010 and the company has since served ExxonMobil Asia Pacific, Mothercare Singapore, Atlas Sound and Vision, The Okura Hotel Bangkok, and others to apply Design Thinking methodology and Innovation concepts to ensure continuous revenue growth. She also conducts training for Sales & Marketing and Revenue Management teams and facilitates revenue strategy workshop for leadership teams. Heidi also is a project manager/facilitator of the HSMAI Revenue Management Advisory Board Asia Pacific.


Presented by Heidi Gempel, June 2020.

Hotel Forecasts have become unreliable in this unprecedented season as historical data points, trends, and analysis that are used to build them are not relevant. Join this session to review the fundamentals of this business-critical exercise and how they relate to our situation today. We will evaluate key components that have changed in the forecasting process and components that have not changed; we consider data points that indicate when to expect changes and how to prepare for them. Heidi will also talk through activities you can prepare for when business will return. We will also speak specifically about hotels that had to close during this period and provide insights on considerations for when to reopen and how to prepare for it.

Learn more about Forecasting in the HSMAI online course:


LISTEN: Podcast on Forecasting during a pandemic


By Heidi Gempel, July 2020.

Revenue management is crucial to staying competitive in today’s business climate. The function of revenue management must be present in any hotel that seriously wants to compete in today’s market.

Over the last decade, the role of the revenue manager has become increasingly complex. Revenue Managers are expected to manage online distribution channels, manage and control automated revenue management systems, and an increasing amount of data that requires processing by – you guessed it -new systems.

All of this has caused the role of a revenue manager to become highly specialized. Training & retaining talent has become expensive and is a key focus for the industry.

But there is hope! Over the last few years, outsourced revenue management has become a viable option for many independent or boutique hotels or even franchise owners of Mega Brands. Outsourcing revenue management is a dynamic and exciting path worth exploring – in this blog, we outline 6 reasons why outsourcing your revenue management may just be right for you.

  1. Access to expertise
  2. An independent “outside-looking-in” view
  3. Continuous growth through innovation
  4. Staying ahead of Trends
  5. Team of Experts without the need to hire
  6. Driven by Performance

Read more about this on Heidi’s blog at https://www.hge-international.com/post/6-reasons-outsourcing-your-revenue-management-may-be-right-for-you



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