HSMAI Strategy Conference 2017 Presentations

Consumer expectations for seamless, assistive experiences in travel are higher than ever before. Hear how Google Travel is leveraging signals of intent and machine learning to build more immersive experiences for users and new opportunities for companies to connect across the travel journey.

Lutz Behrendt, Business Director, Strategic Partnerships, Google

Where the Next Generation of Young Asian Travellers is Heading, and How to Win a Place on Their Travel Itinerary.

  • Why youth travel does not always mean ‘budget travel’ in Asia
  • What the leap to mobile technology will mean for travel providers across the region
  • How low cost carriers have capitalised so successfully on the youth market across the region
  • Why the most sophisticated tourism boards look to attract students as well as leisure travellers
  • Who exerts the biggest influence on young Asians’ travel decisions
  • Why it is important to start reaching the next generation of your brand’s consumers today

Melissa Burckhardt, Manager for Membership Relations & Communications, PATA Global

Learn the intricacies and the advantages of knowledge gained from data insights. In this case study format, you will get practical real-world examples of how revenue tools combined with information can be leveraged to solve for challenges that Marketers and Revenue Management professionals face on a day-to-day basis.  You will gain insights to how this can help lay the foundation towards envisaging and executing successful marketing campaigns or simply uncovering opportunities that drive performance.


Puneet Mahindroo, Senior Director Hotel Marketing & Revenue, Asia Pacific, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

Patrick Andres, Vice President, Rainmaker

Jurgen Ortelee, Director of Enterprise Sales, IDeaS

How do you start using Digital Marketing to improve return for your Property? Find out what the basic building blocks you need to introduce a sustainable digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re a brand property or an independent hotel, this session will cover both perspectives.

Darryl Hukins, Manager, Digital Channels, South East Asia & Korea, IHG

Now that you know what you need to get started, this session will layout a concrete methodology on how to develop a digital marketing plan/budget for both brand and independent properties.  The session will feature guidance on how to manage owners and how to evaluate new technology and where it should fit into your plan.

Michael Bongiovanni, General Manager Asia Pacific, HeBS Digital

We are under increasing pressure to extract knowledge and insights from vast amounts of data – and more often than not, we don’t know what we’re looking for. Enter Data Science.

This session will provide you with an understanding of data science from concept to execution. We’ll even do some analysis live! We will discuss the role of data science in our day-to-day lives, as well as describe the talent and technology resources required to effectively perform these complex analytics.  Finally, we will touch on costs (surprisingly low!) and the expected benefits over traditional analytics.

At the end of the session, you will:

  • Understand Data Science, start to finish from data-gathering to getting results
  • Understand the technical skill set and experience required
  • Understand the acquisition and preparation in building the amount of data necessary to perform complex analytics
  • Be aware of the technological costs associated
  • Identify and understand the knowledge to be gained from this process

Jai Govendani, Chief Technology Officer, Red Planet Hotels

How to leverage user generated content to positively impact the guests experience, get them to come back and how to leverage their stay to influence others.

Emilie Couton, Vice President Digital Marketing, Accor Asia Pacific

Gary Spero, Vice President Asia Pacific, Local Measure

Every Hotel Marketer wants to generate more and more direct bookings. What impact can a hotel booking engine have in this journey? Learn how to go about determining what the right booking engine solution for your hotel is, what to consider and what to watch out for.

Maunik Thacker, Senior Vice President Marketing, Marina Bay Sands

HSMAI Asia Pacific Revenue Management Initiative to assess the performance measure used in the industry. This session will help you think critically – and differently – about the measures you are using today, as well as new ones you’re considering, to get the most from them for your team and your stakeholders. From driving channel optimization and total revenue management to planning, budgeting, and gauging return on marketing efforts, metrics produce advantages for hotels that use the right ones in the right ways.

NRevPAR…¦RevPAC…|ConPAST…¦RevPATH…¦RevPASH. Along with the traditional RevPARs of the world, these and other emerging measures of hotel, restaurant, and spa performance present opportunities and barriers to many revenue management professionals.

Dr Detlev Remy, Associate Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology, Design and Specialised Businesses

Puneet Mahindroo, Senior Director Hotel Marketing & Revenue, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Asia Pacific

During this session, we will review some of the tools already in use by hotels but that are under-utilised for data visualization as well as the tools of the future and the considerations they should have. We will touch on what type of people you need in your teams to build good data visualization and best practices. We will discuss how data visualisation tools can assist your communication your strategy with greater clarity and help you make better decision.  The session will also cover opportunities available to hoteliers by demonstrating how large companies are using data visualization and predictive analytics to find out how to better target their customers.

Marcos Cadena, Vice President Digital, E-Commerce & Distribution, Minor Hotels Group

HSMAI – Who are we? How long have we been around? Find out more about our Digital and Revenue Boards and their mission to improve the professionalism of hotel industry in Asia Pacific.


Maunik Thacker, Chair HSMAI Digital Advisory Board

Puneet Mahindroo, Chair HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board

Loyalty (acquisition vs. retention) and the guest experience, which is the key to success.

Henrik Berglind, Vice President Loyalty & Guest Experience – Asia Pacific, AccorHotels

Michael Bennett, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Business Development, Cendyn

Storytelling is the new marketing. What are your stories and how do you drive more revenue out of them?

Facilitated by: Emilie Couton, Vice President Digital Marketing, Accor Asia Pacific

Art Thomya, CEO and Founder, Hey ASEAN

Rani Jeyaraj, Creative Producer, InsiderTV

Mark Wiens, Food Blogger and Founder, Migrationology

The Art of Storytelling Videos from Emilie Coutons session at HSMAI Strategy Conference 2017

“Marina Bay Sands is pleased to support the development of the Southeast Asia Chapter of HSMAI.  The markets in this region are thriving and so is the need for greater educational resources and professional training for members of the hotel sales, marketing, and revenue management industries. As a thought leader, we hope to share our expertise and play a part in contributing to the regional business landscape. An educational association such as HSMAI can help hoteliers navigate emerging trends, optimize their revenue performance and attract new customer segments to markets such as Singapore” Mike Lee, Vice President Sales, Marina Bay Sands. 

Platinum Education Partner

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Image of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
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2017 Platinum Partner

Our 20 years of success in the hospitality industry shows that we don’t just have innovative solutions, we have products that are tied to proven revenue producing business models. That means we understand your struggles. We’ve been on your side of the table and we know how to make your life easier and more successful. We know what is working, right now. Just ask any of our over 30,000 hotel clients.


Revenue Optimization Conference
8th & 9th May 2017

The HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference delivers the most compelling and comprehensive revenue management event for the hotel industry, and convenes key stakeholders to address the most critical trends affecting revenue management in hotels today. With powerful educational and networking opportunities, this is the can’t-miss conference of the year for engaging with Revenue Leaders in Asia Pacific.  A full day conference is followed by workshops on day 2 and an invitation-only Chief Revenue Officers Roundtable.  Read more…

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