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  • Charlene Porfida Director of Marketing, HSMAI Asia Pacific

    Contact Charlene for any media enquiries, content sponsorship, content creation, the website and social activities.

  • Jackie Douglas President, HSMAI Asia Pacific & Global Chair, HSMAI Academy

    Contact Jackie for HSMAI Academy, HSMAI Asia Pacific Advisory Boards, Regional Sponsorship, Partnership, Online education as well as any inquiries regarding events and sponsorship for Australia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Greater China.

  • Limin Cheng HSMAI Commercial Advisory Board, HSMAI Singapore President & Director of Revenue at The Raffles Hotel Singapore
  • Heidi Gempel Managing Partner & Founder at HGE International & Facilitator HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board

    Contact Heidi for any enquiries regarding the Revenue Advisory Board and their activities.

HSMAI Asia Pacific

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Send us a message for any queries you have about HSMAI Asia Pacific and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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