HSMAI Commercial Advisory Board

Founded in 2015, the HSMAI Asia Pacific Revenue Advisory Board has now expanded to encompass the broader scope of the Commercial functions in hotels. The board is a group of dedicated senior hotel leaders who all have the passion to help hoteliers improve their commercial skills by sharing best practices and experience with sales, marketing and revenue management people.



A credible platform of thought leaders of Hospitality Commercial functions in Asia Pacific.

collaborate &

Facilitates and collaborates with key stakeholders on challenges and opportunities to advance, innovate and optimize performance.


Provide educational content and personal development that will allow Commercial professionals to grow and advance their careers.


The Benefits of Total Revenue Management

Linking sustainability to revenue management: you can’t improve on what you don’t measure

Revenue Management as a Career Path



HSMAI Commercial Advisory Board


  • Joining HSMAI is the perfect opportunity to establish a network with industry professionals, exchange thoughts and ideas and keep yourself informed about trends and developments. Not to mention, winning new friends and contributing actively to our industry needs.

    Dr. Detlev Remy
    Dr. Detlev Remy Assoc. Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology
  • HSMAI is a great platform to network with industry peers and thought leaders. Whether it is to help contribute time to developing the next-gen of commercial leaders or to enhance your skills with additional qualifications or just exchange ideas, HSMAI offers you the perfect platform.

    CS Ramachandran
    CS Ramachandran Vice President, Hotel Revenue Optimization at Preferred Hotels & Resorts
  • HSMAI gathers and nurtures a community of individuals who are interested in and passionate about the hospitality industry. Whichever stage of your career you are in, this is the perfect forum to network, have meaningful exchanges, gain invaluable insights and of course, garner access to a plethora of resources that can support your professional journey – and ultimately fuel the development of the commercial function for the hospitality industry.

    Melinda Yeoh
    Melinda Yeoh The Ascott Group/ Head Hotel Revenue Management
  • I urge industry colleagues to engage with HSMAI, an association that supports its members and their teams with continuing education and association backed certification, a place to network where ideas, perspectives, and experiences are shared. Stay up to date, discuss and respond to trends, and access a wide range of resources, conferences and workshops. HSMAI welcomes your knowledge and expertise and is a great association and platform in which to do so.

    Melissa Gan
    Melissa Gan Chief Commercial Officer at World Hotels
  • HSMAI is an amazing network that has helped me further my learning and connections thru conferences and seminars.

    Pallavi Nirula Nath
    Pallavi Nirula Nath HSMAI Commercial Advisory Board & Founder RevMax Tech
  • In the last couple of years, the pandemic has hit our hospitality Industry really hard and we have seen the evolution of new technologies and innovative ways of doing business. HSMAI is constantly working towards educating the Industry on best practices, new innovations and upskilling the workforce with the most updated and relevant certifications and course content for sales, marketing and revenue distribution disciplines in our Industry. Hoteliers should Join HSMAI to not only enhance their own knowledge and network but also encourage their team's and Industry peers to join the HSMAI community for the greater good of the entire hospitality Industry. HSMAI as a non-profit is committed to supporting our Industry and professionals growth.

    Navaodit Srivastava
    Navaodit Srivastava Founder, Levitatee and HSMAI India and Singapore Chapter Board Member
  • HSMAI is the Hotel industry’s leading platform for all Commercial disciplines with insightful resources & latest research – brought together by practitioners and academics. It’s the preferred forum for advocacy of all that we need for the Industry’s continued advancement.

    Rouble Goswami Marriott International/ VP Revenue Strategy Asia Pacific (excluding greater China)
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