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We know you’re looking for a banquet of resources, and we’re right there, feeding you the latest industry trends through education, events and training. You’re thirsting for knowledge, and we’re your mini-bar of education, filled with peer interaction sessions and industry certifications.

Free Educational Events

Members can attend our Educational Training Workshops and Events in 10 cities in Asia Pacific completely FREE! Find out more..

Discounted Online Courses

Members receive a discount on all our online Courses and in 2018, some new courses will be FREE for members!

Find out more..

Industry Trends and Insights

Membership helps you stay ahead of the curve by providing you with access to exclusive content from thought leaders, publications, research reports & insights from leaders in hospitality in Asia Pacific.

Board and Volunteer experience

HSMAI members are invited to volunteer as Board Members of National Boards or discipline-specific Advisory Boards such as our Revenue or Digital Marketing Advisory Boards, or on various projects.

HSMAI Membership Benefits

Free Educational Events

Free 1/2 day Training Events

Class photo showing their certificatesHSMAI runs over 30 Training Workshops in Asia Pacific every year.

  • Revenue Management
  • Distribution
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Sales

Workshops are created by hoteliers, for hoteliers

  • Relevant, industry created sessions
  • 1/2 day learning sessions
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance

We also run specific Workshops for General Managers.


Members can attend our Educational Training Workshops and Events in 12 cities in Asia Pacific completely FREE! Session run throughout the year.

Checkout our Training Workshops to find a session near you.

Get Certified in Revenue, Digital or Business Acumen

Get Certified!  Put yourself ahead of the pack!

Get Certified image

The more you know, and the more you can prove you know, the better ROI you can provide to your employer or prospective employer.  The more you can improve your company’s bottom line, the better you can position yourself in your chosen discipline.

HSMAI introduced certification for hotel sales professionals nearly thirty years ago. Today ,HSMAI offers training and certification in several disciplines, including revenue management, business acumen, and the newest, digital marketing.

Member Discounts

Of course, HSMAI members can access our Certifications for a discounted price.

Learn more

Checkout the Certifications we have on our HSMAI Academy website.

If you’re interested in to learn more including the qualifications and procedures to apply, and to download applications.    For groups of 10 or more, bulk discounts are available. Contact Kathy Tindell for details.

Discounted Online Courses

 Discounted Online Courses for HSMAI members

Members receive a discount on all our online Courses and some courses will be offered FREE for members in 2018!

Study Anywhere, Study Anytime

HSMAI have developed many courses to help you grow your career and develop more skills.  Some of our range of courses:

  • Certificate in Revenue Management (Hospitality)
  • Sales2Win – courses in improving your Sales and Account Management skills
  • How do Consumers make hotel bookings – get the consumer perspective
  • Market Segmentation
  • Business Intelligence Basics

And many more.  Checkout the HSMAI Academy for more details.

Opportunities to gain Board Experience

Want to get some Board experience?

Chief Revenue Officers Roundtable-Singapore in actioHSMAI offers many opportunities for you to gain some board experience whilst helping your industry.   There are many Expert Communities within HSMAI that offer you a chance to use your expertise and get some experience of what it is like to be on a Board.

Expert Communities

In Asia Pacific, we have several Advisory Boards for you to volunteer with:

You must be a HSMAI Member to apply for these volunteer positions.

Free Job Listings

Looking for staff?  FREE Job Listings

Screenshot of Job listings pageHSMAI Members can list their open jobs on our Job Listing site on our global website

  • Free Job Ads
  • Reach your target audience of hoteliers and vendors in the Hospitality Industry
  • Bonus!  Your advertisement will automatically be loaded onto the eHotelier Careers website with over 180,000 Hospitality Industry members worldwide.

Looking for a new job?

  • HSMAI Members can reach out in a private chat to HSMAI members who post open positions.

Learn more on our JOBS SITE

Exclusive Tools & Insights from Hotel and Industry Leaders

 Members-only Tools & Insights

Screenshot of HSMAI Knowledge CenterMembership helps you stay ahead of the curve by providing you with access to exclusive content from thought leaders, publications, research reports & insights from leaders in hospitality. HSMAI Advisory Boards develop tools and conduct research and provide insights specifically for HSMAI members.

Tools such as:

  • Template Job Descriptions
  • Template Forecasting spreadsheets
  • Sales & Marketing Plan templates

And many more..checkout our Knowledge Center for more details.

Discounts to HSMAI and other Industry Conferences

Attend HSMAI Signature Conferences at discounted entry prices

HSMAI Members can register for any of our conferences worldwide at discounted prices.  Take advantage of this benefit for members and attend our signature conferences:

HSMAI Digitaketing Conference logo      

Attend major industry conferences at discounted prices

HSMAI Members attend our conferences as discounted prices.  In 2017, HSMAI negotiated special Member rates with many major conferences around the world.  Some examples:

  • No Vacancy – Sydney, Australia
  • PATA, Asia Pacific
  • HiTec – Americas
  • MPI
  • China Travel World
  • DigiTravel Asia

and many more.  Watch out for these events in our Insights Newsletter and on our Events page.

Executive Roundtables
Volunteering with HSMAI
Get Certified with HSMAI

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