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For fifteen years, HSMAI’s Revenue Optimization Conference (ROC) has been the place where hotel revenue leaders unite for education, collaboration, and innovation. Since, 2015 in Asia Pacific, this conference delivers the most compelling and comprehensive revenue management event for the local hotel industry, and convenes more than 100 key stakeholders to address the most critical trends affecting revenue management in hotels today. It’s where senior leaders in hospitality connect and engage in meaningful, thought-provoking conversations about hotel pricing, hotel distribution, rooms forecasting, business intelligence, hotel distribution and more.  With powerful educational and networking opportunities, this is the can’t-miss conference of the year!

  • The only strategic Revenue Optimisation event in Asia delivering insights on how you can drive the next phase of your hotel’s growth
  • A perfect opportunity to check your current strategy – Is it aligned with the changing market environments?
  • Learn about the upside of a solid Marketing, Sales & Revenue Management Relationship
  • Hear about the latest Tools to help you implement your strategies
  • Benchmark the performance of your Team with that of your competitors
  • Engage with Asia Pacific’s Leaders from General Managers, Marketing, Operations, Sales and Revenue Management

2019 ROC Americas video recap

One Day Conference

Day 1 is the annual HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference -the only place to see the Hotel leaders in Revenue Management in Asia Pacific  sharing their insights and knowledge on trends in Hotel Revenue, Optimization, Distribution, Pricing, Data and more.

Executive Roundtable

Day 2 is for two invitation-only events.  HSMAI Chief Revenue Officers Executive Round Table is for the most senior hotel leaders in Revenue Management and Distribution in Asia Pacific and the Chief Marketing Officers is for the most senior digital, e-commerce, marketing, customer experience and brand officers.



HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference delivers the most compelling and comprehensive revenue management event for the hotel industry and convenes key stakeholders to address the most critical trends affecting revenue management in hotels today. With powerful educational and networking opportunities, this is the can’t-miss conference of the year for engaging with Revenue Leaders in Asia Pacific.  A full-day conference is focussed on revenue management in hotels and resorts.

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Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center

Level 4, Roselle JuniorBallroom 4613 & 4713




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9:00am to 5:30pm


9:00am - 9:10am Welcome address by Puneet Mahindroo & Tejveer Bedi

Puneet Mahindroo

Puneet Mahindroo, Chair HSMAI Asia Pacific Revenue Advisory Board and  Tejveer Bedi

Tejveer Bedi, President, HSMAI Singapore will welcome everyone and give you a quick overview of what’s in store for you over the next 2 days.

9:10am - 9:40am KEYNOTE: Current Issues and trends in the Hospitality industry in South East Asia

Head of Travel at Google for Asia PacificIn an industry experiencing constant disruption, let’s start the day with an update on the latest innovations and emerging  trends in the hotel industry.

Presented by Hermione Joye, Industry Head APAC Travel, Google

9:40am - 10:10am KEYNOTE: Evolving from segmentation to cross-platform measurements & insights

JOe Nguyen from Comscore SingaporeIn today’s dynamic media landscape, measurement must evolve to keep pace with the challenges and opportunities of a cross-platform world. Joe will introduce you to a segmentation landscape that goes beyond traditional age/gender demography alone, seamlessly linking cross-platform measurement insights with audiences to help transform the way the media industry conducts business and to enable audience-based buying.

Presented by: Joe Nguyen, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, comScore Inc.

10:15pm - 10:30pm HSMAI Update - what can your association do for you?

Image of Heidi Gempel


The organisers of todays conference, the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International is a 90-year old industry association that brings the local industry many benefits and we will provide a short update of how you can get involved.  Don’t worry, no sales pitches, just great information and tools to help you grow your career.


Presented by Heidi Gempel, Facilitator, HSMAI Revenue Advisory Board and Managing Director, HGE International.

11:00am - 11:45am Total Revenue Management deep dive – is anyone doing it?

Total RM Deep Dive – Optimizing Ancillary Revenue: Presented by Dr Detlev Remy, Singapore Institute of Technology

Achieving Total Hotel Profit Optimization by definition requires knowing each guest’s total value. But what does this mean when considering the array of experiences now available at a city hotel, a resort, or a destination hotel? The challenge is how to optimize many diverse types of ancillary spend during a guest’s stay at the right price, to the right guest, at the right time, through the right channel. This session will provide best practices for using the data at your disposal—whether small, medium, or big—to optimize profits from an area that at best has been an afterthought.


Director Of Revenue Management at Raffles Hotel Singapore

Total RM Deep Dive – Optimizing Restaurant Profit: Presented by Ana Ovtchinnikova, Accor Hotels Asia Pacific

In this session, we pull back the curtain on Accor’s Restaurant Revenue Management program to demonstrate Total Revenue Management in action, from a working hotel’s perspective. The examples, tools, and results from real property outlets will be highlighted to help you apply these same techniques in your own organization.  Don’t miss out on this and learn to drive greater profit in your hotel restaurants.

11:45am - 12:05pm Leveraging Data Driven Insights & Technology

Shailesh Pallipuram

Keep Up with The Shifts in Customer Behaviour to Deliver Relevant and Personalized Products and Pricing

Shailesh Pallipurnam from IHG will present a Case Study on how a hotel used the data they have on hand to improve their ROI.  Learn how they did it – you can do it too.

12:05pm - 12:25pm The Revenue Manager should be the Eyes and Ears of the Hotel’s Owner

Bilal Chamsine

Presented by Bilal Chamsine, an experienced Owners Representative and an expert in how Revenue Managers should be working with the Property Owners.  Bilal has an extensive background in Revenue Management and is the President of HSMAI Indonesia where he is passionate about spreading the word on the value of Revenue Management to hoteliers.  Learn a few tricks to help you foster a great relationship with your property owner.

12:45pm - 1:45pm - LUNCH & VENDOR SHOWCASE
1:45pm - 2:10pm The impact of Revenue Management on the Customer Journey

Tony Gothard, Wyndham

The roles of the Sales, Marketing and Revenue people in hotels has been constantly changing over recent years.  At this session, you will learn the unique take Wyndham has on the role of each department.  Framed against the full Customer Journey, this session will give you some clear tactics to improve your revenue; and work more collaboratively with your colleagues in Sales & Marketing.

Presented by: Tony Gothard, Senior Director Revenue, Sales & Marketing, Wyndham Hotel Group

2:10pm - 2:25pm - Blockchain Demystified - will it change your business?

C.S Ramachandran | HSMAI Asia Pacific

Blockchain is the latest trendy product that has the world talking!  Find out what is really is, what it can do (and can’t do) and where the experts think this technology might be used in the hotel industry.  Ram has done the research for you on this topic so save yourself a lot of time and come and hear the ‘Executive Summary” of Blockchain in Hospitality!

Presented by CS Ramachandran, CRME, Director Revenue Management – South Asia, Middle East and Africa at Preferred Hotels & Resorts


HELICONIA BALLROOM - Common Revenue Opportunities That Hotels Miss And How To Tap Them

Running a hotel successfully is not an easy job, if your hotel is not like a well-oiled

Kamesh Shukla, Senior Vice President Sales - Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa for RateGain

machine, things will breakdown from time to time. In other words, if your hotel does not have the right set of technology & systems (read Grease) in place, there will always be common revenue opportunities that you will miss. During this session we will discuss some of the commonly missed revenue opportunities and how to tap them. We will ensure your hotel emerges well-greased at the end of this presentation.

Note: This session is a vendor session presented by Kamesh Shukla, Senior Vice President Sales – Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa for RateGain

HELICONIA BALLROOM - The Power of Business Intelligence Reporting

rainmaker_logoEvery journey begins with understanding the starting point.  How can hotels and resorts use powerful Patrick Andresreporting tools to more quickly and effectively grow sales, out-think the competition and start their journey to effective revenue management.

Note: This session is a vendor session presented by Patrick Andres, Rainmaker, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

HELICONIA ROOM B - Introducing new strategic tools for conferences and events - driving sales, revenue and profitability outcomes

IDeaS Revenue Management SolutionsTracy Dong from iDeaS

Russell Britton

Global spending on conferences and events continues to rise, and the need for hotels and event managers to capture more meetings & events revenue by understanding demand patterns and setting better pricing structures is critical. Join us for an exclusive workshop to learn how to apply new techniques and principles to the conferences and events business that will help drive sales, revenue and profitability outcomes.

 In this workshop, we will discuss the following:

  • Understand key concepts and current trends of meetings & events revenue management
  • How to make sense and better utilise data from sales & catering systems
  • Learn best practices and strategies in meetings & events revenue management
  • How to use new tools to enhance strategic decision making and increase revenue growth

Note: This is vendor workshop presented by Russell Britton and Tracy Dong from IDeaS Revenue Management Solutions


3:45pm - 5:30pm AFTERNOON SESSIONS - DAY 1

3:45pm - 4:05pm - Chatbots in the travel Industry

akemi tsunagawa

Learn about the applications hotels are using bots for.  Bebot is an AI powered chatbot concierge for travellers in Japan, being developed by the world’s leading experts in artificial intelligence and data science from 8 countries. Bebot brings 5 star hospitality to your guests and business efficiency to your organization.

Presented by Akemi Tsunagawa, Founder & CEO, Bespoke Inc.

4:05pm - 4:30pm - Willingness to pay - connecting the value customers are paying for when designing pricing and products

Director - Revenue and Distribution Management at Marina Bay Sands

Willingness to pay – considering the value customers are paying for in pricing and product design

  • Identify an approach to test customers’ willingness to pay for different product
  • Sharing of real life examples in driving increased revenue through understanding customer’s willingness to pay for different products

This session is followed by a short Q&A on the strategy of either a transparent rates or a differential rate strategy.

Presented by: Limin Cheng, Director of Revenue & Distribution Management, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

4:30pm - 5:00pm - THE GREAT DEBATE: Direct Business - is it really profitable?

The Great debate

Does the Revenue Team really have a view of the actual cost of direct business? How much paid traffic is actually booking through an OTA?  (does the same thing happen to OTA’s?)

Join this team debate for an interactive session where we pitch two teams against each other, arguing the case:

Is Direct Business really profitable?


Teams are as follows:

Arguing that Direct Business IS profitable are:

  • Fanie Swanepoel, Senior Vice President, Revenue – Marina Bay Sands
  • Kamesh Shukla, Senior Vice President Sales – Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa – RateGain
  • CS Ramachandran, CRME, Director Revenue Account Management, India, Middle East & Africa, Preferred Hotels & Resorts

Arguing that Direct Business IS NOT profitable is:

  • TBC
  • Tony Gothard, Senior Director Revenue, Sales & Marketing, Wyndham Hotel Group South East Asia & Pacific Rim
  • Brian Koroll, Director, Hey Travelista
You get to decide who wins!  Using an app, the audience will comment and vote on the debate.  

Facilitated by: Patrick Andres, Vice President Asia Pacific and Middle East, Rainmaker

5:00pm - 5:25pm - How can Revenue Leaders Target Guests by Source Market

Devdutta Banerjee from Movenpick is speaking about how revenue leaders can target guests by source market at HSMAI conference in Singapore

Target markets, source markets?  Isn’t that the role of the Sales & Marketing team? In this session, we’ll  talk about:

  1. Things to consider in deriving the Total Guest Value metric for your top source markets
  2. Using this data in prioritizing hotel marketing, sales and revenue therefore optimizing results for the property
  3. Going Deeper: Top questions you need to know about your Top 5 source markets

Presented by Devdutta Banerjee, Area Director of Revenue Management – Asia Pacific at Movenpick Hotels & Resorts


HSMAI Singapore Board at Marina Bay Sands 2016Join us for cocktails and networking at the beautiful Sands Expo venue overlooking Marina Bay.  Canapes and wine, beer and juices will be served. We’d love to meet you after the event.  Bring your badge so we know you’re ‘one of us’!


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