C.S. Ramachandran, CRMEDirector Revenue Management - South Asia, Middle East and Africa at Preferred Hotels & Resorts

C.S. “Ram” Ramachandran serves as Director of Revenue Account Management for Preferred Hotels & Resorts, charged with helping the brand’s member hotels maximize the effectiveness of their online distribution channels and optimize revenue through better revenue strategies. In this position, he also guides member hotels in South Asia, Middle East and Africa on e-marketing, data interpretation, and pricing strategies along with MIS, which help them, make informed business decisions.

Ram has over 20 years of rich expertise in hotel management, the majority of which has been dedicated to revenue management. His key interests include business analytics, business strategy, distribution, online marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. Prior to joining Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Ram served as Assistant Vice President of E-Marketing for The Oberoi Group, responsible for the group’s digital marketing strategy with a focus on maximizing e-commerce revenues. He is based in New Delhi.

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