Varun SharmaGeneral Manager, HSMAI India

Varun Sharma, a seasoned professional with over 18 years of diverse experience, brings a wealth of expertise to the realms of Business Development, Association Management, Special Projects, Consulting, and Brand Activation. His journey spans the orchestration of Tenders/RFPs for a spectrum of events, ranging from televised extravaganzas to meticulously curated non-televised gatherings.

Armed with expertise in crafting business and sales plans, Varun excels in devising integrated marketing solutions, meticulous research, and comprehensive P&L strategies. Renowned for his visionary leadership, go-to-market strategies, and turnkey solutions tailored to specific industries, Varun approaches each venture with humility and a commitment to collaborative success.

Recognized as a ‘5W+1H Person,’ Varun possesses a unique skill set, adept at identifying and aligning emerging trends with organizational objectives. His visionary leadership, coupled with a commitment to achieving profitability standards, establishes Varun as a professional who not only adapts to change but pioneers it.

Varun’s approach is characterized by a strategic gathering and synthesis of information, the application of audience-based selling principles, and the crafting of presentations that drive measurable results. His proficiency ensures sustained and increased project revenue, marking his commitment to tangible outcomes.

His forte lies in leveraging technology to elevate the quality of events and trade shows. This positions Varun at the forefront of digital innovation, ensuring that events are not just memorable but also technologically advanced, aligning with the evolving landscape of the industry.

In essence, Varun Sharma’s professional journey is defined by a blend of experience, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to pioneering excellence in the dynamic domains he traverses.

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