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Davis Keeter, CHDM, Leisure Groups Team, BWH Hotels, Rising Marketing Leader Council Member 

At Best Western we have properties all over the globe. Domestically, there are a few key locations that we heavily market to make sure our customers know about. The biggest being our National Park hotels. You can find a Best Western location near almost all national parks in the US. This led me to spark the conversation with the Rising Marketing Leaders on how we are utilizing strategic hotel placement. Here are our top tips.  

  1. Utilize Strategic Locations: The success of a hotel often depends on its location. Whether it’s nestled in a national park or centered in a bustling city, location plays a pivotal role in attracting guests.
  2. Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Understanding guest interests is crucial. Hotels in sports-centric locations, for example, tailor their marketing to attract sports fans, creating a stronger personal connection.
  3. Emphasize Luxury and Exclusivity: For luxury hotels, highlighting the exclusivity and unique aspects of their location can add an extra layer of appeal and intrigue for guests.
  4. Capitalize on Niche Markets: Hotels like those along Route 66 exploit unique opportunities by being the sole option in some regions. This strategy creates a unique selling point that can attract guests.
  5. Innovative Revenue-Generating Strategies: Using targeted marketing like destination emails can generate incremental revenue. Partnerships with local brands provide guests with unique, location-specific experiences.

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Questions for your team:  

  • What are some key locations that your company has strategically placed a property? 
  • What are some new locations you would like your company to tap into? 
  • What are some niche hotel locations under your brand? 
  • How does your company leverage hotel location in their marketing efforts? 
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