The Training Industry Professionals in Tourism (TIP-iT) supports tourism companies in employee upgrading and talent and leadership development.


The TIP-iT is open to all Singapore-registered businesses/companies.

Proposed projects should fall under one of the following categories:

  • Employee Upgrading – Provides incentives for training and course development in tourism-related skill sets which enhances the capability and productivity of the workforce. Scope of training supported includes New/Specialised Skills, Multi-skilling, and Enhanced Service Delivery.
  • Tourism Talent and Leadership Development – A scholarship scheme which aims to attract young talents into the tourism sector and groom middle management leaders of tourism companies to be leaders of tomorrow


​For more information or queries on the grant scheme, you may contact the STB Incentive Policy Department at

There are a few additional steps if you would like to apply for their subsidy to study so it is a good idea to start early.  Grants can take 4 – 6 weeks to process and this needs to be completed BEFORE you register for any education.



Aug 17

Digital Travel Summit APAC 2020

17 August from 8:00 am to 19 August from 5:00 pm SMT
Sep 14

HSMAI Hotel Digital & Revenue Workshop – Phuket, Thailand

14 September from 9:00 am to 15 September from 5:30 pm BMT
Sep 24

NoVacancy Hotel + Accommodation Industry Expo

24 September to 25 September


  • Application

    If your business is based in Singapore, then complete the application for the TIP-iT subsidy from STB

  • Register for event or course

    Once STB have approved your application, then you can go ahead and register for the course, certification or course.

  • Get your subsidy

    Complete the education then apply for your subsidy from STB


Applying for STB Subsidy

  • Application to be Certified

    If you are a permanent resident or citizen of Singapore, then complete the application for certification FIRST. See HSMAI Academy for more information.

  • Register for event or course

    Once STB have approved your application, then you can go ahead and register for the course, certification or course.

  • Pay for the Certification

    Once approved, pay for the certification

  • Pass the exam

    Complete any learnng modules and pass the exam for the program you have chosen

  • Get your Subsidy

    Once completed, and you have passed the exam, STB will process payment of the subsidy

HSMAI produces online courses in Revenue Management, Sales, Account Management and Digital Marketing.  We also partner with other reputable institutions to negotiate discounts for our members on courses and conferences.

Checkout HSMAI Academy for more information.

HSMAI runs regular Training Workshops in 10 cities in Asia Pacific.  Check-out our schedule on our Events page.

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