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HSMAI Educational Conferences and Events for hotels and hospitality staff in Asia Pacific are held in many cities across the region.  Hospitality relevant webinars, roundtables, courses and events in hotel sales and marketing are held in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Phuket, Jakarta, Bali, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Bookmark the annual calendar for 2018 and 2019.

Other events for Hoteliers

HSMAI Events in 2019 in Asia Pacific
HSMAI Worldwide Signature Events
HSMAI Events in 2019 in Asia Pacific
2-Day Revenue Certificate WorkshopsAsia Pacific

2019 Events for Hoteliers

April 2019

4th April – Singapore

HSMAI Chief Digital Officers Roundtable – Singapore

Please contact us for invitations to the Roundtables.

May 2019

9th & 10th May – Brisbane

2-day Revenue Certificate Workshop- REGISTER NOW

9th May – Singapore

½ Day Training Workshop- REGISTER NOW

17th May – Shanghai

HSMAI ½ day Session at ITB China

June 2019

Please check out our online courses at www.hsmaiacademy.org

9th July – Singapore (Day 1)

HSMAI Annual Asia Pacific Strategy Conference (Day 1)

10th July – Singapore (Day 2)

HSMAI Academy Day (Day 2)

10th July – Singapore

HSMAI Chief Commercial Officers Roundtable (Asia Pacific)

25th July, 2019 – Sydney

HSMAI Revenue Leaders Roundtable (morning)

August 2019

6th & 7th August – Shanghai, China

2-day Revenue Certificate Workshop

9th August – Hong Kong

½ day event

15th August – Bangkok

½ day workshop

General Managers Roundtable

20th to 21st August – Delhi, India

2-day Revenue Certificate Workshop

22nd August -Delhi, India

Leaders Roundtable

September 2019

Please check out our online courses at www.hsmaiacademy.org

October 2019

1st & 2nd October- Hanoi

2-day Revenue Certificate Workshop

17th October – Singapore

HSMAI Chief Digital/ Commercial/ Marketing Officers Roundtable (Asia Pacific) – Morning

18th October – Singapore

HSMAI Chief Revenue Officers Roundtable (Asia Pacific) – Morning

November 2019

25th & 26th November

2-day Advanced RM Workshop (with SHTM)

HSMAI Revenue Optimization Conference Singapore 2018HSMAI Annual Asia Pacific Conference: (ROC) Revenue Optimization Conference

27th & 28th November – Hong Kong




27th November – Hong Kong (Day 1)

HSMAI Pre-Conference Academy Day (Day 1)

HSMAI Chief Commercial Officers Roundtable (Asia Pacific) (Day 1)

HSMAI CRME Workshop (Advanced RM) (Day 1)

28th November – Hong Kong (Day 2)

HSMAI (ROC) Revenue Optimization Conference (Day 2)

December 2019

2nd & 3rd December – Hong Kong

HSMAI and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (SHTM) Winter School joint program for Advanced Revenue Management

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