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In my role at the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI), I spend my days talking to hoteliers. A common theme I hear is that staff working in Revenue Management don’t “speak the same language” as the Sales and Marketing team, or the General Manager for that matter.

Of course, this issue comes about due to the different skill-sets between digital, sales, marketing and revenue people. To run an efficient hotel, you need all of these different skills so how do you make sure that everyone can be understood? How can the data-guru, generally the Revenue Manager, explain the issues he or she is seeing in the data so that the General manager can understand where the effort needs to come from to rectify the issue and get revenue back on track.

Here is an excerpt from a recent session in Bangkok where Marcos Cadena, Vice President of Distribution talks about how to present data to different stakeholders. If you like the excerpt, you can view the whole presentation on our website.

HSMAI Asia Pacific are presenting ‘Hotel Talks’, a series of Ted-style talks for hoteliers working in Revenue, Distribution, Marketing, Sales and General management at Property level or at the Corporate/ Brand level. Stay tuned for more great advice from the senior hotel leaders in Asia Pacific and around the world.

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